Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camps in Rajasthan

Budget Hotels in Jaisalmer - The Golden Mirage

Bamboozling, exquisite, beautiful, crowded, ancient and peaceful; Rajasthan is all this in a single breath. ‘The Land Of Kings’ Rajasthan is an essential excursion that offers a detailed amusing experience. Jaisalmer is one ravishing destination that enchants thousands of tourists every year. Finding a budget hotel in Jaisalmer can be tough in peak season but the stay is always an unforgettable experience.

Jaisalmer The golden mirage
The big fat giant Sandcastle with a town attached; an emblem of courage and pride in the ‘Land of kings’ Rajasthan. The fort of Jaisalmer is a living monument to long lost desert might, that never fails to leave tourists spellbound. Rising high from Trikuta hill, gigantic havelis of crumbling beauty, and former Raj retainers, Jaisalmer is a Hansel. Every year thousand of national and foreign tourist flocks to Jaisalmer to experience its beauty. The increasing popularity and the entrenched vast history in the bricks and sand of its castles and dessert witness legends.
Jaisalmer has seen a tremendous growth in the number of tourist visiting every year. This gives the raj retainers once, now raffishly running guesthouses a perfect business. The attractions associated with this place keeps it buzzing all round the year. It’s always a bit tough to locate a Budget Hotel in Jaisalmer unless a guide accompanies you.

Fascinating legends are always an enticing part of the journey. As the dusk shadows over the lighted golden dessert, the nomads are heard chattering and boastingly singing legends to the native tunes. The city is associated with an interesting legend according to which, Lord Krishna- the head of the Yadav clan, foretold Arjuna that a remote descendant of the Yadav clan would built his kingdom atop the Trikuta hill. Other tales related to the warriors Rajputs of Jaisalmer, their war related heroism, and the sacrifices made for the empires all sounds alluring with setting sun that turns the city into a big beautiful golden brown spectacular sight.

The desert festival, held in the month of Jan/Feb is what enormously attracts people from around the world. During this festival musician, traditional performers, fire performers and folk artists bring the dessert alive with a new vigor. During this period Budget hotel in Jaisalmer is again a coveted place. The guides in the area though can be a great help if looking for easy and budget accommodation. The Hotels in Jaisalmer are a good service provider apart from accommodation they provide private cabs that enables the tourist to visit more places within their stay.

Budget hotel in Jaisalmer might not provide the tourist with amenities like Jacuzzi, sauna and gym but a classy environment designed for your comfortable stay after all day long exasperating extravaganza. This picturesque city consists of vast number of havelis and mansions which now turned into heritage hotels. These heritage hotels in Jaisalmer serve two way objective of maintaining the glory and revenue generation. Stay in these heritage hotels in Jaisalmer enchant and amplify the overall experience and let you intricate with the cultural vastness of Jaisalmer.

The demand of better facilitations has made Swiss tents in Rajasthan bygone a change and is modern and popular enough amongst the tourists. Most of these Swiss tents in Rajasthan are located in the picturesque dessert with facilities like permanent bathrooms with hot and cold water. The cuisines add a special aura to these Swiss tents in Rajasthan that serves Indian continental food to relish your taste buds.


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