Friday, November 14, 2014

Jaisalmer History, Destinations and Jaisalmer Hotels

History & Culture

Jaisalmer was a kingdom of great Rajput ruler Maharawal Jaisal Singh. It is a region of southwestern Rajasthan state in western India. The city name means "the hill fort of Jaisal". The king chose the Trikut hill as the location for his fort. The fort boundary walls outstretches a long distance surrounding all the major attractions of city. All the successors of ruler still lives inside the fort. It is  also nicknamed as golden city because of the yellowish color which it has gained from the yellow sandstone walls of the fort. Some popular destinations among tourists of town are Raj Mahal(Royal palace), Laxminath temple (Jain mandir), four massive gateways, Merchant Havelis(large houses built by wealthy merchants in Rajasthani towns).

Top attractions of Jaisalmer

  • Jaisalmer Fort constructed by Raja Jaiswal is ranked among the largest forts of world.
  • Pokhran is a municipality located in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Its popularity increased from the time when India's first underground nuclear test was performed in 1974. The place also holds its significance as second nuclear test "Pokhran 2" too held here in 1998.
  • Kuldhara, abondoned village near to city which is said to be haunted destination and home to super natural powers.
  • Gadi Sagar lake situated to the south of city. Gadi Sagar is a rain-water lake of Jaisalmer located in a calm and cool surroundings.
  • The Patwon-ki-Haveli constructed during the period of 1800 and 1860 by five brothers of Jain religion. It is famous for its exquisite work of mirrors on the walls and ceilings and exclusive paintings of the traditional times.
  • Desert National Park, Manak chowk and Havelis, Jain temples, Bada Bagh, Gadisar Lake.

Perfect Accommodation

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