Friday, November 28, 2014

Luxury Hotels and Dessert Camps in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state by area in India. It is a colorful part of country spreading its culture, tradition and food cuisines all over the globe. Most of the foreigners visiting India route their journey towards Rajasthan. It offers so many memories of earlier times as the state still takes care of Indian heritage and maintain every site apart of the reason whether the monument fort or temple is a tourist attraction. These are the reasons that have made Rajasthan a top holiday spot in tourism industry. Travelers and vacationers from all over the part of world come to see and read the remarkable history of India through old forts, temples, mahals, etc.

The Hotels in Rajasthan have been a lot of successful in maintaining the heritage and legacy that have been imbibed upon us by our ancestors. Most of these Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan or, forts converted to resorts, monuments, temples are great way for visitors to have a look at Indian, specially rajasthani history, tradition and culture.

One of the most thrilling part that all tourists love in Rajasthan is camping. Camps in Rajasthan attract a large number of people who like to land on enthusiasts places provided specially in the packages at resorts in Rajasthan. Favorite destinations as folk dances, camping in deserts, camping in sand dunes, camping in forests, camping in traditional villages, etc are popular camping activities that attract visitors from every part of India and abroad. The exotic land of Rajasthan with diverse geography will provide excellent opportunities of tenting and camping within the isolated regions and on the rippling sand dunes of vast expanses of Great Indian Desert called the Thar Desert. Camps tour in Rajasthan will be a unique experience which you will love to cherish forever. Here you can enjoy enthralling and exciting camping tour in Rajasthan with ample camping sites offered to you. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and parks in the state where you can camp and enjoy exotic jungle beauty.

Visitors here get an opportunity to view the magnificent forts, palatial palaces, ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks, waving sand dunes, etc. During camping tour in this historical state of Rajasthan, India. Mirvana Nature Resorts in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan, India) provides a marvelous opportunity to experience a drift in adventure and excitement of camping with entirely different view. Enjoy Camping in Rajasthan and Stay at Luxury hotels in Rajasthan, Resorts in Rajasthan.


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